Top Home Remedies For Hand Tremors or Shaking Hands

Top Home Remedies For Hand Tremors or Shaking Hands

Remedies For Hand Tremor


Parkinson’s disease is more well recognized, and essential tremor is significantly more frequent. Katherine Hepburn’s public image of the essential tremor was permanent for many. Her shaking hands and quavering voice made it clear that she had a mental illness. An estimated 5% of adults over 50 suffer from essential tremors. Essential tremor shaking may range from moderate to severe in severity. Following possible home remedies for hand tremors are the best you can follow.


In addition, the tremor’s position might change, with the hands, the head, or the voice being the most noticeable. Many everyday tasks may be frustrating or embarrassing for those who suffer from essential tremors, such as drinking coffee, writing a letter, or buttoning a sweater. Having an essential tremor that prevents you from living on your own or working may be terrible. Some drugs may help alleviate the symptoms of essential tremors and strategies to make everyday chores simpler.


Remedies For Hand Tremors


Types Of Tremors Of The Hand


Depending on the tremors you experience, you may have different treatment choices. You or a loved one may be suffering from hand tremors that a healthcare expert can only diagnose. Hand tremors may come in a variety of forms.


Physiologic tremor


There is a possibility that medicine may cause a physical tremor. Temporary hand tremors are common side effects of corticosteroids, amphetamines, and several asthma treatments. Physiological tremors may be caused by medications used to treat neurological and mental diseases.


Several conditions may cause physiological tremors, including the following:

  • A condition is known as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • The thyroid is overworked (hyperthyroidism)
  • The tremors of Parkinson’s disease


Parkinson’s disease is often linked to tremors and shakiness in the hands and limbs. Most people with Parkinson’s suffer from tremors, which are most common while resting (called resting tremors). In advanced Parkinson’s disease, tremors may be so severe that routine actions like eating or tying one’s shoes might be severely hindered.

There is an underlying condition known as essential tremor.


Essential tremors cause the hands to shiver regularly and uncontrollably. This condition is neurological, although it does not fall under Parkinson’s tremor. Essential tremors may be triggered and worsened by extreme temperatures, stress, worry, smoking cigarettes, and caffeine.


Home Remedies For Hand Tremors


What are the Home Remedies For Hand Tremors/Shaking


Hand tremors may be irritating, humiliating, and influence how you live. Hand tremors may be alleviated with various lifestyle and natural therapies, including diet, exercise, therapy, and even surgery. Shaky hands may be treated with natural home remedies, which can drastically lessen or eliminate symptoms and medication or surgery.


Exercising The Hands And Wrists


Your doctor may recommend physical or occupational therapy, or you may complete exercises at home. When you squeeze a stress ball for two to 10 seconds, then release and repeat on each hand for ten repetitions, it’s a simple workout to include.


The tendons and ligaments of the wrists may be kept flexible by rotating them in a circular motion. Moving the hands with purpose helps prevent or lessen tremors by preventing synovial fluid. It is possible to strengthen and fine-tune your muscular control by curling a little weight with your hands facing up on a table.




Hand tremors may be caused by stress, worry, and other mental health issues. You may try breathing exercises, establishing a calm environment, practicing yoga, and meditation to reduce stress, which might cause tremors in the first place.

Treatment for tremor-affected muscles in the hands with massage treatment may help relieve mental and physical stress.


Shaking may be caused by exhaustion since proper rest is essential for the body and neurological system to operate.


Treating Tremors With Medication


Several drugs are available for the treatment of tremors. Amino acids, beta-blockers, and other anticonvulsants are some of the most popular pharmaceuticals to treat shaky hands.




Dr. Micheal E. Platt, MD, the owner of Platt Wellness Center and author of Adrenaline Dominance, says that a 5 percent progesterone cream may inhibit adrenaline and be a valuable assist in lowering shaky hands. To ease symptoms, this topical treatment is available over-the-counter (OTC).




An anti-seizure drug called Mysoline (primidone (1)) has been shown to reduce hand tremors. There are barbiturate anticonvulsants in this prescription medicine that assist keep the electrical pulses in the brain stable.




By replacing the body’s supply of dopamine, levodopa (1) may help lessen tremors. Other types of tremors may benefit from levodopa, which is often used for Parkinson’s disease. The absorption rate of levodopa may be decreased if the patient avoids meals like meats or iron supplements while on the medication.




Adrenaline, or epinephrine, is blocked by beta-blockers (or beta-adrenergic blocking medicines), lowering blood pressure. Tremors may be slowed down or prevented altogether by lowering blood pressure and treating tremors and other health conditions with beta-blockers like metoprolol, propranolol, nadolol, or bisoprolol.


Many foods naturally contain beta-adrenergic blocking substances, which may be used in addition to or instead of prescription beta-blockers. Foods high in beta-blockers include nuts and seeds, bananas, lettuce, poultry, and meats. It is possible that eating these foods might help alleviate anxiety, improve health, and minimize tremors.


What Surgeries treat shaky Hands


Surgery is not likely to be the first treatment option you hear from a doctor. Surgeons generally use surgical methods to treat those who suffer from debilitating tremors, such as Parkinson’s. As you get older or your tremor worsens, surgery may be possible.


Stimulation Of The Deepest Levels Of The Brain


A surgical treatment called deep brain stimulation (DBS) treats tremors. Electrodes are surgically implanted in your brain during a DBS treatment to disrupt the brain activity that causes tremors by sending an electrical signal to your brain.


Implanted beneath the skin of your upper chest, the gadget transmits the signal. At this time, DBS is only suggested for those with very severe cases of hand or limb tremor.




In addition to surgery, thalamotomy (1) is a possibility. The surgeon uses Radiofrequency sound waves during this treatment to create a permanent lesion in your brain’s thalamus. A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan directs the waves. This decreases or eliminates tremors by interfering with regular electrical activity.


Is There A Cure For Shaky Hands?


Tremors can be treated, but there is no cure for most cases. Depending on the source of your hand tremor, you’ll get a different therapy. Tremors may be reduced or eliminated by treating an underlying medical condition if that illness causes the tremor.


Consider eliminating coffee, alcohol, and other stimulants from your diet if they cause tremors. Talk to your doctor if your tremors are a side effect of the medicine.

There is no treatment for essential tremors. However, there are strategies to deal with the symptoms. Adolescence or middle age are common onsets. However, it might grow worse as you age.


Treatments, on the other hand, may provide some relief from symptoms. The severity of the shaking and the possible side effects of each treatment choice will determine which kind of therapy is best for you. Discuss your alternatives with your doctor.


Consult Your Physician For Treatment Options


Make an appointment with your doctor if you’ve been experiencing tremors or other signs of essential tremor. Before a diagnosis can be determined, they are likely to order several medical and physical testing.


Talk about treatment choices if you get a diagnosis. If the tremor is minor and does not interfere with daily activities, treatment may not be required.


You may go back to the therapy alternatives if the shaking becomes unbearable. Finding a medication with the desired effect may take some time while causing minor adverse effects. Working with your doctor, therapists, and experts may help you create the best strategy.




Essential tremor is the most prevalent cause of tremors in the fingers and hands. Frequent, uncontrollable shaking is a hallmark of this neurological condition.

In the absence of a cure, prescription drugs and lifestyle adjustments may help alleviate hand tremor symptoms.




Why do my hands still tremble when I take anything?


Several drugs are available for the treatment of tremors. Shaky hands may be treated with various medicines, including beta-blockers, anticonvulsants, anti-seizure agents, and amino acids.


What may vitamin help with trembling hands?


B1, B6, and B12 have been linked to tremors and other movement problems. Your neurological system relies heavily on B12, so it’s so crucial to get enough of it. Shakiness and tremors may develop even with minor insufficiency of Vitamin B12.


Does the natural remedy for tremors work?


Treatments for essential tremors may alleviate symptoms and improve overall well-being, but there is no known cure. You can lessen your tremors with lifestyle adjustments and a treatment plan tailored to your needs.


Is it possible to lessen tremors with exercise?


Parkinson’s tremors, for example, may look worse during physical activity. On the other hand, exercise has been shown to help with tremors and other symptoms over the long term. Stretch before and after your workouts to ease any discomfort.


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